INFINITI projected driving emotions at Dubai Fountain

INFINITI Middle East held a unique presentation of the emotions of driving its new car, arranging a projection on the Dubai Fountain, which has no analogues in the world. The company has carried out an unprecedented animated projection of consumer feelings that arise when driving a car, using sound and water. “It's great to see how this long-awaited project is being implemented in such an impressive way,” said Jürgen Schmitz, managing director of INFINITI in the Middle East. “The results from the study were generally successful, and this is also reflected "the content of the show, which truly embodies the excitement of driving the Q50 Red Sport 400." Specific details of the study will be unveiled by INFINITI in the coming weeks, but their visualization, projected onto the Dubai Fountain, eloquently suggests what to expect. “An analysis of regional data showed us that while driving the Q50 Red Sport 400, drivers reached the optimum level of excitement, attention and participation,” added Francesca Ciaudano, Deputy General Director of Marketing and PR. In collaboration with Emotiv Inc. INFINITI Middle East sought to demonstrate what changes in brain activity occur when driving a powerful sports sedan.

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