Mary Poppins will land in Dubai soon

Dubai is counting the days until the arrival of the most famous nanny in the world, Mary Poppins, who will land in the city on May 1!

One of the most anticipated shows since the Dubai Opera opened its doors last year, is now in Zurich and is preparing for its great trip to the UAE.

“Mary Poppins” is a large-scale program and the most extensive show that has just appeared in the new Opera. The troupe consists of 45 people (35 adults and 10 children), 13 musicians sit in the orchestra, and the technical team consists of 49 specialists who will be ready to revive the magical story of the nanny eight times a week. To make the show in Dubai possible, more than 100 people participate in the sending of the team and the scenery. The production provides 25 flying elements. The troupe has so many costumes that you have to make 64 downloads a week to wash them! The show uses 600 details and 90 wigs.

The production is based on the script of the Oscar-winning creator of Downton Abbey, Julian Fellow, co-authored with Cameron Mackintosh. The eternal melodies of Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman, including the classic Jolly Holiday and Step in Time, which will be complemented by the new sound of the British team George Styles and Anthony Drew, will sound from the stage. The award-winning international creative team is led by director Richard Eyre and choreographer Matthew Bourne.

The show promises to give joy not only to families, but also to all adults in the UAE. The huge scope that will bring a magical evening of entertainment for both adults and children should not be missed. “Mary Poppins” will be held at the Opera from May 1 to 25.

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