All residents of the United Arab Emirates will receive smart medical records

All residents of the United Arab Emirates will be provided with “smart medical records” with data related to human health.

UAE residents' medical data will now be on Emirates ID. The Ministry of Health of the UAE came up with a corresponding initiative.

The first phase of the Smart Health Card project will be launched in the first quarter of 2019. Initially, it will be implemented in the hospitals of the Ministry and primary health care centers, and then it will be implemented throughout the country.

The card will use a "smart" chip containing data on the main diseases of the patient, as well as information on allergies, blood type and donor information. Other information will be available online. Doctors will be able to access it using a smart reader.

A doctor in any Gulf country can interact with the card in case of emergency. However, only reading mode will be available to him, but not information recording.

Mabarak Mubarak Ibrahim, director of the information technology department at the ministry, said: “The smart card ensures confidentiality and data security. Health care providers can view the necessary data, such as blood type, information about health insurance and vaccinations, infectious or chronic diseases, recent surgical procedures, laboratory analysis results. "

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