UAE authorities assisted affected Americans

The UAE government has allocated funds to help families affected by the hurricane in Florida.

The government has allocated nearly 10 million dirhams to help those affected by the severe hurricane Irma that covered Florida last year.

The donation was announced by Dana Al Marashi, Head of the Cultural Heritage and Social Security Division of the UAE Embassy in Washington.

It should be noted that these funds are only part of the total amount of 37 million dirhams (10 million US dollars) to be allocated to the UAE.

"The UAE government has always collaborated with charitable organizations to help affected families," said Ms. Al Marashi.

"When a friend is in trouble, a friend comes to the rescue. The United States of America is our friends, so we’re happy to provide even minor assistance to the people of Florida."

The allocated funds will be spent as part of the ongoing program to help victims of Hurricane Irma. This donation can significantly improve the lives of thousands of affected families still experiencing the dire consequences of this devastating natural disaster.

Recall that the hurricane Irma destroyed the technological infrastructure in many schools in the United States. Part of the allocated funds will be used to restore infrastructure and provide students with Internet access. Also, the money will be spent on the restoration of playgrounds, football fields, and of course, finances will be spent on the restoration of about 30 houses.

Recall that the United Arab Emirates always lends a helping hand to the United States in rebuilding destroyed infrastructure after natural disasters, as happened after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and a powerful tornado in the city of Joplin in 2011.

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