Dubai extends maternity leave for police officers

Dubai has expanded the effect of the new maternity leave to police and immigration officials.

Dubai has introduced new maternity leave rules for police, civil defense and migration officials.

A new law promulgated by the ruler of Dubai and the UAE Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum guarantees officers 90 days of paid leave after the birth of the child and the opportunity to extend it for another 30 days for regular leave, if the total duration does not exceed 120 days.

Officers are also entitled to a two-hour break for breastfeeding at the beginning or end of the shift.

By decision of the medical committee, women may be given an additional three months of leave in the event of any complications during childbirth.

Female officers can also apply for sick leave if they have a miscarriage before the 24th week. In the event that this happens later or the child is born dead, the officer will be given 60 days of leave.

Mothers of children born with a disability will be provided with a year of paid leave if approved by the medical committee. Management can add another six months of paid leave.

The new law is in line with a similar decree issued in April, which entitles all Dubai female government employees to 90 days of maternity leave.

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