Non-Muslims in Dubai have the opportunity to leave wills

A law has been signed in Dubai that allows people who do not profess Islam to leave wills.

On Tuesday, October 31, a law was issued by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and ruler of Dubai, which allows non-Islamic residents of the Emirate to dispose of property in accordance with their latest wishes.

The new law provides a solid legal framework that governs the inheritance and wills of non-Muslim residents of Dubai regarding large long-term assets, including investment portfolios and property.

The new law states that expats living and working in Dubai can register a will in English in accordance with general provisions.

This step followed the creation of the registry in Abu Dhabi, presented in May this year.

In relation to Muslims, the courts automatically apply Sharia and distribute assets in accordance with its norms.

"The law that applies to the will and property of non-Muslims based in Dubai, including the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), creates a clear legal basis for non-Muslims to make wills in accordance with their wishes," the statement said, " It also sets out clear legal procedures that will encourage residents to register their will and manage their assets in Dubai, thereby increasing confidence in the investment environment of Dubai. "

The new law applies to both the Dubai courts and the DIFC.

The law also sets out the responsibilities and obligations of the beneficiaries, restrictions, rules governing the inheritance, distribution and management of property, as well as appeal procedures.

Disputes arising from inheritance will be resolved by the Dubai courts or DIFC courts, depending on where the will is registered.

“Any non-Muslim testament registered with the Dubai courts or DIFC courts before the law comes into force remains in force. The law repeals any other legislation that is contrary to its articles,” the statement also said.

The UAE does not recognize the rights of the heir resulting from the death of one or more heirs.

To make a will, you can contact a lawyer who will develop the documents in accordance with national laws. The will can be notarized at the testator’s embassy, ​​and then at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can also contact a notary in the courts of Dubai or a legal consultant registered with the DIFC Wills and Probate Registry.

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