New Soho Garden club project kicks off in Dubai

A new project for the fashionable lifestyle of Soho Garden will open in Dubai in December.

Dubai, UAE. In December, a new Soho Garden restaurant will open in Dubai, where you can have dinner, spend time by the pool or have fun in a nightclub. The total area of ​​the complex, which will be located in the Meydan area, a 15-minute drive from the city center, will be 14 thousand square meters. meters.

At the first stage, a pool and four bars will open - Glasshouse Bar, Bellini Bar, Tiki Bar and Negroni Bar - with a total capacity of 800 people. In 2018, a concert hall with 10 thousand seats, night clubs, pools, several new restaurants and bars will be added to them. It is expected that the first event of the new complex will be the celebration of the New, 2018th year.

Watch the video: Soho Garden dubai. meydan Hotel club Dubai (December 2019).