Park in the UAE - with a new record for the Guinness Book

Al Ain Paradise Flower Park, which was listed in the Guinness Book of Records last year, went through a series of large-scale improvements and reopened its doors for residents and guests of the UAE, once again becoming a record holder.

Recall that the very first record of the park consisted in placing on its territory the largest number of baskets of flowers in the world - their experts from the Guinness Book counted 2500. Then the garden in the Zakhir district occupied an area of ​​7 thousand square meters. meters. However, a huge number of flowers arranged by decorators in an unusual manner did not so long please the visitors' eyes. Some irresponsible citizens ravaged the flower collection, taking with them many plants, so the fairy-tale square had to be closed for repairs and reconstruction.

Today, Al Ain Paradise Garden has set a new record. This time, the organizers installed 2965 baskets of flowers on its area, which was recorded by experts and recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as a new achievement. In addition, some technical safety measures were taken to prevent the ruin of the garden in the future. Now the territory of this flower oasis occupies 21 thousand square meters. meters, of which 2400 square meters. m reserved for walking paths and alleys, and the rest of the area is planted with a huge number of flowers of different varieties from America, Europe, Japan, Germany and Italy. Among the main attractions - a large flower pyramid, a 12-meter miniature copy of the Eiffel Tower, which is equipped with a complex lighting system. An artificial water stream 95 meters long passes through the entire park. In addition, the park now has a small theater and an area for spectators.

Especially for visitors to the park, detailed information brochures were printed that contain information about each plant presented in the collection. In total, about 300 engineers, technicians and workers took part in the restoration of Al Ain Paradise Park in the oasis city of the United Arab Emirates.

Watch the video: UAE and Guinness Book of Records (January 2020).