Second World Art Dubai trade fair opens in Dubai

The second World Art Dubai trade fair is being held in Dubai from April 6 to 9, 2016.

Dubai, UAE. The second World Art Dubai exhibition fair promoting accessible art takes place in Dubai from April 6 to 9.

From Amman to Amsterdam, from New York to New Delhi, World Art Dubai provides galleries from around the world with a platform to promote accessible contemporary art among art lovers living in the Middle East.

The World Art Dubai fair, part of the Dubai Art Season project, aims to collect all the achievements of modern painting from one corner of the world, and especially from the galleries of Dubai itself, on one site. The unique fusion of art, educational initiatives and entertainment reflects the role of Dubai as the region’s growing cultural hub. From young artists to venerable authors, World Art Dubai has gathered a whole palette of contemporary and high art.

In 2016, World Art Dubai returned with local, regional and international galleries and artists from more than 30 countries. In total, the show presents more than 3,000 works, including paintings, sculptures, photographs and much more, priced from US $ 100 to US $ 10 thousand.

The following sections work at the exhibition:

Art for each wall - up to 3000 dirhams

An exhibition of 45 artists, whose works are sold at affordable prices, will be displayed in the center of the hall.

Art for All @ The Yard

Art for All @ The Yard - outdoor installation. This live demo makes it interactive.

Street installations

The unique installation, which presents the work of international artists, is dedicated to new creative concepts.

Contemporary Art Market

This year, items of decorative art, jewelry and accessories from local craftsmen are sold in an impromptu market.

Cafe and lounge area

In the lounge you can relax, have a bite to eat and enjoy a leisurely conversation about art.

The exhibition is open daily, from 14.00 to 21.00. Entrance - 15 dirhams.

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